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Rennie Chong, Taiji Quan: Body of Knowledge. - DVD by .Mirage Pictures Pte Ltd.

On this DVD Master Chong:

  • Teaches a large set of loosening exercises for development of softness, relaxation, flexibility, and correct postures for Tai Chi;

  • Shows an important breathing qigong exercise;

  • Demonstrates the 37-step form of Zhengzi (Cheng Man Ch'ing)

  • Gives step-by-step instructions for the 37-step form with explanation of correct postures and movements;

The DVD would be useful equally for  beginners,  advanced student, and Tai Chi instructors.




Rennie Chong and George Loo, Taiji Quan: Body of Knowledge. - Paperback, 123 pages, 535 b/w illustrations, Pepper Publications Pte Ltd, 2004, ISBN: 981-4097-09-8.

"This book is quite complete as an introductory text as it includes a full chapter on warming-up exercises and another full chapter on breathing exercises. These exercises are not found in most Taiji Quan books in English or Chinese ... I am very pleased to note that this book has managed to faithfully follow Professor Cheng's [Cheng Man Ch'ing] original development and yet has been written in layman's language and with clear explanations for the benefit of beginners..." Click here for the full text of the Foreword by Prof. Hang Chang Chieh



Principles and essentials

Understanding and Learning Taijiquan by Rennie Chong

Taichi Essentials for Beginners. Part I by Rennie Chong

Taichi Essentials for Beginners. Part II by Rennie Chong

Learning Tajjiquan and Understanding Taijiquan by Rennie Chong (Mandarin) 2016

Brief Talk on The Practice by Rennie Chong

Basic Principles of Taijiquan by Rennie Chong

Words from The Master by Rennie Chong

Master Hung Xingxian's View on Taiji Quan's starting posture by Rennie Chong

The relaxation technique in Taiji Quan by Rennie Chong 

Discourse on Yi and Qi

Notes by Master Chong on the articles "Taiji (Tai Chi) Improves Knee Strength and Force Control in the Elderly" and "Tai Chi Bolsters Shingles Immunity" New



Chronic pain? Slow but sure taiji may be the way , Straits Times 20 August 2010

Advantage running: science of running using the art of Chi by Gordon de Souza

Can Taiji Quan be DIY? by by Moh Wei Ping, Yap Kung Leng and Lim Kim Foong

Exercises to  Relax and Calm by Rennie Chong

The names of Cheng Tzu's 37 Postures (PDF)



Analytical Taijiquan (PDF)  thesis by Lim Ruo Qi  New



Benefits of Taiji Soft Strength Ball Exercise  by Rennie Chong


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Postures by Master Chong from Taiji Quan: Body of Knowledge
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