Exercises to Relax and Calm

by Rennie Chong

To ensure right or unerring practice, one should first practise relaxing and calming exercises, before practising Qigong or martial arts routines. If this is not done, not only will one err, one's health will also be directly affected.

Many illnesses relate to tension in our organs, channels and muscles. And even if one is not ill, yet because on is constrnaly on the move in daily life, often overworked and stressed, certain organs, channels and muscles will tense up. Through time, these suppressed tensions will cause the body to lose its equilibrium and illness will arise.

Through practising calmness and relaxation, one can erase mental tension and physical tiredness, allowing the brain to relax and the body to recover. Our brain and central nervous system controls our bodily function; so as long as this system is normal, cool and clear, the body is able to maintain equilibrium and high level function.

Qigong and internal Qi produced from the practice of relaxing and laming exercises is active an lively and this has a massaging action on the various channels and internal organs with the result that tehy are stroked and pacified. This is the principle reason why Qigong can get rid of illnesses or maintain health.

this is also why at the start of practising Qigong or matial arts, one should reduce cumulated tension. Only then can the practice be effective and not go wrong.

Otherwise, as one practises, the cumulated tension (even if unperceived) may be further stimulated and so cause negative reactions, resulting in non-equilibrium and bodily harm.

Relaxing and calming exercises are fundamental to Qigong exercise; and, to be proficient in Qigon, one has also first to be proficient in doing  relaxing and calming exercises.

Their essence is in first relaxing the mind and body and then gradually letting the mind and body enter into a state of calmness and serenity. That is, from 'willing' oneself to relax and to leg go, to actual relaxation in one's nervous system, to attaining relaxation in the whole body.

to will to relax is to consciously relax the mind and brain. Once the mind/brain is relaxed, the nervous system will be relaxed and the body will function more effectively; renewal of cells and immunity will also normalize, resulting in the maintenance of health and prevention of disease.

Therefore, illnesses that are a result of tension/stress, e.g. indigestion, high blood pressure, fatigue, irregular periods, irregular pulse etc. can all be remedied through relaxing and calming exercises. And its frequent practice may also prevent the "virtual fire" from rising and so reduce or even get rid of all kinds of pains and illnesses associated with the head and face.

Further, through practising relaxing and calming exercises, those who are healthy can balance their bodily functions, erase tiredness, and recover their energy.

Relaxing and the entering serenity are important steps toward doing good Qigong. Calmness and serenity produces Qi; and it is only after the Qi is produced that one can train the Qi.

Note: Relaxing and calming exercises are prerequisites for the Five Animal Play.


Exercises to Relax and Calm © 2003 Rennie Chong

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