Words from the Master

by Rennie Chong


This is a collection of notes, which I am going to elaborate, when time allows.

Rennie Chong


Taiji Basic Knowledge and Requirements

  1. What is Taiji, Yin and Yang?

  2. The philosophy of Taiji

  3. The relation of Taiji and Five Elements

  4. When we practise Taiji, what to focus on (heart - xin, spirit - shen, mind - yi, and Qi


More knowledge for Taiji practice to pay attention to

  1. You should know your bones and joints as well as general anatomy and physiology

  2. You need to know how to stand and squat without harm to one's joints

  3. If you have joints injury, you should notify your instructor

  4. If you have high blood pressure, low blood pressure, or other disorders, please notify your instructor

  5. Before practising Taiji, you should not overeat. You should be half-full. For example, it would be good to eat a slice of bread with a cup of milk or Milo drink.

  6. After practice, drinking a cup of warm water will be very good, however don't drink cold drinks or drinks with gas.

  7. Always dry your sweat and change to dry clothes after practice and take a warm bath after 20-30 min.

  8. It is good to have a bowl of warm light porridge.

  9. Don't take oily, too hot, or spicy food. Eat more vegetables and cereals, fruits and drink more water every day. Balanced diet is the best.


What to pay attention to during the practice

  1. You should pay attention to the way you step or stand, where is your gravity center and how your body weight is distributed. You should not act against the force of gravity.

  2. You should pay attention to the movement of your joints.

  3. You should understand the force of your opponent.

  4. Requirements for hand movements, body movements, and steps are very important.

  5. When you reach the second level of Taijiquan, pay more attention to your heart (xin), mind (yi), spirit (shen) and Qi coordination.



  1. Before you consider to learn Taijiquan, first of all you should:

    • Make up your mind with confidence

    • Be patient

    • Have perseverance and make sure that you don't give up easily

    • Practise every day at least for 15 minutes

  2. When practising Taijiquan, look for quality, not for quantity. Going slowly, steadily and building up your health is the best policy.




Words from the Master © 2005 Rennie Chong

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