George Loo

George Loo started learning Taiji from Master Rennie Chong in 1996, while George was workin in NUS as a senior scientist. George helps Master Chong teach Taiji in Bukit Gombak Sports Centre since 2003. Master Chong accepted him as a disciple by traditional ceremony.

George co-authored Master Chong's book Taiji Quan: Body of Knowledge and is the author of all the photographs in the book.

Currently, George researches combining Taiji with Krav Maga.

Skills: Cheng Man Ch'ing 27 Step Yang Taiji Instuctor (since 2007).

Other skills:

  • Judo orange belt 1980

  • Karate brown belt 1984

  • Aikido black belt 1995 (Instructor)

  • Krav Maga 2008 (Concurrent)



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