Vsevolod Vlaskine
Sydney Australia

Vsevolod Vlaskine has been learning Taiji Quan from Master Chong since 2001, studying Yang (Zheng Man Qing) Style Taiji Quan and Push Hands. Master Chong accepted him as a disciple by traditional ceremony and granted him the instructor's certificate in 2007.

Currently he lives in Sydney and regularly visits Singapore for more guidance from Master Chong.

When teaching, Vsevolod uses a highly systematic and gradual approach learnt from Master Chong. The curriculum for the beginners includes warm-up and loosening exercises to develop balance, stability, relaxation, coordination and correctness of postures; basics of Tai Chi theory, a few important breathing exercises; the 37-step routine; push-hands (tui-shou). Supporting materials (DVDs and Master Chong's book) are available.

No regular classes are running at the moment, but personal tuition is possible in Glebe.

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