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The Taiji Mind

by Jaleen Ho

It is a highest honour that Shifu bestowed on me when he asked me to share my experiences in my practice of Taiji quan, the holistic art that embraces philosophy, TCM, qigong, martial art, Chinese culture and spiritual development.

Many would have read my previous testimonials and my experience with qi. Understanding myself and with Shifu's guidance to use the correct practice to control the flow of qi. A strong mind is very important, to be able to stay focused and mind power (intention 意念) instead of brute force when executing the form.

Taiji quan involves both static and moving meditation (execution of form). Qi will enhance one's understanding and respect for this wonderful holistic art. Many practitioners practise it for health, self defence and spiritual growth. Diligent and correct practice will lead one to another level of understanding and enlightenment which will help mobilize the body's internal energy to flow throughout whole body more effectively thus strengthening a person from within.

Shifu would raise the benchmark when he feels one is ready and we have to challenge ourselves to meet up with his expectation of ever-increasing depths. His recent demand of us practising with focused intent has led me to understand more about practice of Taiji quan.

When I practise the beginning form together with breathing and intention, a strong sensation can be felt. When this physical/mental connection is done correctly, I can feel my whole body very warm and dense qi manifested to fingers which Shifu described as 冰糖葫芦.

I understand that one might spend a lifetime or even more to learn Taiji quan but i believe that practice at every increasing depth will lead to attainment of the goal.

March 2020


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