Tai Chi at Sentosa

On Master Chong's Tai Chi cource for Sentosa Golf Club


During my visit to Singapore, Master Chong invited me to take a look at the first Tai Chi lesson for employees of the  Sentosa Golf Club. The room was full of girls, some of them obviously not exposed to much exercise of any sort, not to say to martial arts. It was hard for me to imagine how to win this kind of audience, how to explain and demonstrate benefits of Tai Chi?

Master Chong's introduction was a mix of clear explanations, jokes, and convincing demonstrations how unstable or clumsy one can be and how Tai Chi could help. It was amazing to observe that after ten minutes the whole room was all smiles - and after twenty minutes full of sighs, as Master Chong switched to the real classwork with difficult and sometimes painful introductory exercises, paying attention to everyone.

Indeed, what attracts people in Master Chong's classes is his cheerfulness and art of building a great atmosphere in the group combined with the close attention to personal guidance for every student, but most importantly elaborated teaching method and of course the great Tai Chi skills of Master Chong himself.

Vsevolod Vlaskine, June 2008

Master Chong teaching a class for employees of Golf Club at Sentosa



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