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My health has been getting better

by James Ong Sk

After 20 years of regular morning jogging exercise and week end golfing, at the age of 55, my knee started to give me some problems.

I was told that doing Tai-chi will help to heal the pain,and so I started it about one and a half years ago. In the first few sections, I remember that my leg was so painful after the warm up exercises as they are tough and tedious. I could not even walk after each section, but after a few months, my leg seen to get stronger.

I started to love Tai-chi after a year as I were able to overcome my knee ache problem, every morning I practise the basic Tai-chi warm up exercises before my jogging, and some Tai-chi practice. My health has been getting better, although once a while i still encounter knee ache problem, but I believe with more Tai-chi, it should be able to lessen the pain and it will also help to improve my golf.



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